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                                        SOWBO Chaplain

      Associate Minister, Tenth Memorial Baptist Church


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Rev. is an anointed woman of God; she is a preacher, teacher, and gifted vocalist. She is known for preaching God’s word with power and the presence of the Holy Spirit.  In 1997 thru 2003 she studied under the bible study curriculum of Fellowship Tabernacle Baptist Church where she completed her testing and was given her Certificate of License to preach the gospel and two years after having evidenced vital Godly piety, and having completed all the prerequisites for Holy Order, from Robert M. Taylor, a bishop in our Lord’s Church did ordain and consecrate her to the sacred and priestly office of “Elder” by prayer and the laying on of    Episcopal hands in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Since that time, Rev. has helped bring vision, outcome, and growth to many areas of ministry.  She is a woman with a Godly prayer life, a lover of God’s music and God’s Word. One of her favorite scriptures is found in 2 Timothy 2:15, where she believes that we must know God not just know the facts about him but that you must have a personal relationship with Him. That comes with studying to show thyself approved.
 She has been the church treasurer for three churches in the past and is trained to prepare the church monthly, quarterly & Yearly budget by using her own reporting systems.  She is well known for her financial knowledge which has been a benefit to the administration of several churches and day care centers. She has participated in the Christian Education ministries teaching church Sunday school, as well as participated in the church choir and praise and worship ministry.  For the past few she has been the Society of Women Business Owners (S.O.W.B.O.) Chaplin where she hosts an early Monday morning prayer line for all who request prayer. She continues on with her gifts in teaching young girls how to market themselves into the business work-place by improving on their skills for a better resume when entering into the business world.
She has received educational certificates at Christian Research & Development known as Christian Stronghold where she completed her study of Marriage and Family Life Training in 2001 and Successful Church Evangelism in 2002. From 1999-2002 she was the ministry leader of the couple’s ministry where she performed premarital and marital counseling as well as marriage ceremonies.
During the Year of 2009 through 2012, she studied at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia and completed two two-year certificate programs, one in Christian Ministry and a Program in Church Leadership.  In September 2010 she enrolled as a freshman with the Center for Urban Theological Studies, now known as Lancaster Bible College to achieve her Bachelor of Science in Bible and Ministry Degree where she is currently
Rev. Blanche Callazo is currently a business analyst known as an application architect and worked for three of the City of Philadelphia’s prominent companies listed as the 23rd largest employer on the Fortune 500. Born in Philadelphia, PA, and have three children who are saved and know the word of God.