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Tonya D. CWP
Philadelphia/Las Vegas/Florida
TDL Coaching & Consultants
Creating Treasured Moments Wedding Chapel
Book: From the Projects to the Promised Land

Group Photographer
Denise Prichett


Rev. is an anointed woman of God; she is a preacher, teacher, and gifted vocalist. She is known for preaching God’s word with power and the presence of the Holy Spirit.  In 1997 thru 2003 she studied under the bible study curriculum of Fellowship Tabernacle Baptist Church where she completed her testing and was given her Certificate of License to preach the gospel and two years after having evidenced vital Godly piety, and having completed all the prerequisites for Holy Order, from Robert M. Taylor, a bishop in our Lord’s Church did ordain and consecrate her to the sacred and priestly office of “Elder” by prayer and the laying on of Episcopal hands in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Since that time, Rev. has helped bring vision, outcome, and growth to many areas of ministry.  She is a woman with a Godly prayer life, a lover of God’s music and God’s Word. One of her favorite scriptures is found in 2 Timothy 2:15, where she believes that we must know God not just know the facts about him but that you must have a personal relationship with Him. That comes with studying to show thyself approved.
 She is one of the associate ministers at Tenth Memorial Baptist church where she is currently the church treasurer and participates in the administration of the church yearly budge system.  She participates in the Christian Education ministries where she teaches church Sunday school, as well as participates in the church choir and the praise and worship ministry.
She has received educational certificates at Christian Research & Development known as Christian Stronghold where he completed her study of Marriage and Family Life Training in 2001 and Successful Church Evangelism in 2002. From 1999-2002 she was the ministry leader of the couples ministry where she performed premarital and marital counseling as well as marriage ceremonies.
During the year of 2010 through 2012, she studied at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia and completed two two-year certificate programs, one in Christian Ministry and a Program in Church Leadership.  In September 2010 she enrolled as a freshman with the Center for Urban Theological Studies, now known as Lancaster Bible College to achieve her Bachelor of Science in Bible and Ministry Degree where she is currently
Rev. Blanche is currently a business analyst and works for one of the City of Philadelphia’s prominent companies listed as the 23rd largest employer on the Fortune 500 called “Aramark”. Born in Philadelphia, PA, and married for 39 years to Elder Alfonso. Callazo, they are parents of four children who are saved and know the word or Christ.

 Elegant Experience Event Planning & Caterers are experts in the field of producing elegant weddings, whimsical and floral designs. Whether it is an intimate dinner for two or an event for two hundred it will be produced with absolute excellence. "From Concept to Completion an Experience to Remember" FREE CONSULTATIONS Weddings Birthday Celebrations Religious Celebrations
Sherri Brown
Elegant Experience Event Planning & Caterers Email

Cleo L. Smalls is the Chief Executive Officer of Precise Marketing & Administration.  With a broad background and administrative, marketing and event planning experience, Precise Marketing& Administration can give you an expert opinion on your business needs, assist with any necessary administrative duties successfully and create a unique, one-of-a-kind unlike the known competitors.
Precise Marketing & Administration specializes in the following services:

  • Business Development
  • Event Planning / Event Marketing
  • Market Strategy Sessions Social Media Guidance
  • Organizational & Reminder Services 
  • Personal assistant /administrative service (Data Entry, Filing, Calendar organization & more)
  • Email & Mobile Marketing
  • Marketing Administration (Business Stationary: letterheads, Flyers, Brochures, Business Cards & more)
  • Market Research
  • Additional Small Business Resources

Precise Marketing & Administration

The Cheesecake Lady
723 West Avenue
Jenkintown PA 19046


My name is Tia Gilbert and I live in Northeast Philadelphia. I'm a business sales consultant and I would like to start a business in the near future. I've generated revenue and increased sales for several organizations. I'm more than ready to run a profitable business for myself. I'm in the planning phase and I'm making key financial decisions. I expect to have my business up and running in approximately 12 months. I'm looking forward to having financial freedom and being my own boss.  

Healing Touch Mobile Spa & Wellness Team is a team of skilled, licensed massage therapists and nurses working to educate on stress management and disease awareness in the home, and community. Our team focuses on the
. We offer various massages that not only work on but also the mind and spirit.
We also educate on diseases and stress management.
Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for people of all ages and life circumstances through therapeutic treatment and education.  The focus of Healing Touch is a holistic and educational approach to healthier living.Studies have shown that a massage can boost your immune system and decrease stress.
Contact us today!
Kellie Greene, BS, TRS, MHA, MT
(610) 809-9009

Plus Size Mommy Blogger, Sewing Teacher, Professional Tailor, Dressing Room Therapist
Business Number: 267-298-0413
Facebook: Curvy Urbane
Twitter: @CurvyUrbane

Hello, My name is Terra and I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, as a young girl I always desired to be my own CEO.  Wanting to be in control and to be my own boss me to successfully associate with various direct sell companies all which have catered to helping women in some form or fashion.  Presently I am so proud to be re-launching my Romance Consulting business.  My goal is to provide a wonderful environment (at home shows, vending events, one on one meeting,etc.)  that is and fun for women to see and sample quality products that help to enhance their happy and healthy intimate relationships.

   Lisa Balthaser is passionate about helping business owners manage their online brand and reputation with the use of social media and blogging.  Lisa was graduated with high honors from Delaware Technical & Community College with Associate Degrees in Accounting and Management Marketing.  Lisa also was graduated cum laude from Temple University with a social media online marketing questions.  her business fleur de solutions and is committed to owners maximize exposure and manage online reputation by engaging providing a solid strategy for business owners she works with.  Her business philosophy is to establish with her clients. 

My name is Dorothy Blanks, Leader/Brand Ambassador for Votre Vu, a French and cosmetic company. Votre Vu offers the crème de la crème of and cosmetics. Our products have natural and botanical ingredients. For each cosmetic product purchased, Votre Vu donates $1 to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation for pediatric cancer research.  I am available for fundraisers, vendor events, and soirees.  I am also a registered nurse for Temple University Hospital currently studying for my doctoral degree as a family nurse practitioner. The earning potential is unbelievable and the company offers many incentives and trips. Votre Vu gives me the flexibility to earn income while working and going to school. Please feel free to check out my website.

Dorothy Blanks
Brand Ambassador
Votre Vu

I am an early childhood educator, mentor, consultant, coach, and author. I love helping other's grow their business, and I enjoy fundraising and planning events for charitable organizations.

“A singer, and Philanthropist, Matu is a native of the Republic of Liberia.
A shy child, she began singing in her church choir and soon had enough confidence to perform solos. “It was those childhood choir experiences that influenced my confidence to continue singing,” she says.
Matu’s personality, warmth and genuine love for Christ are revealed through her music. “Singing is the one thing I can do effortlessly, not much work on my part.” Matu has stayed true to her roots sharing the love of God through songs and displaying a unique style and songwriting ability that are all her own.
Matu’s debut CD titled “let there be light” released in March of 2013 embodies inspirational content crossing all social and age barriers.  Matu’s musicality is transparent, upbeat and soothing with songs like Smile and Never Give Up.
Matu resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she has lived since moving to the United States. She is a graduate of Drexel University and is the founder of Technology for Liberia, in supplying technological resources to Liberian students.”

Erika Brown is the owner and creative designer of ASingle Suggestion.  Her in handcrafted complements (stationery).  Erika has been crafting for 12+ years.  s shared her love of crafting with friends for many years through birthdays, weddings, etc.  In 2013, to make her passion an official business.   A Single Suggestion was conceived to provide with a handcrafted complement that suits their success.  What mean?  It means that each is prepared and hand.  How can complements suit your success?  Creativepersonalization is an attribute any business.  Consumers love to when investing their time and money   Please visit to view my artful works.  

My name is Cynthia Pena. I am Developer and Wellness Coach for AdvoCare, International. AdvoCare nutritional supplement company established in Texas in 1993.  I to AdvoCare in 2007. At the time, I weighed 150 lbs been a constant yo-yo dieter all AdvoCare became the permanent solution to my fitness goals. I learned from their amazing 24 Day Challenge put my weight back on.75 lbs. I have been able to help families looking for a solution finances. And I have been able to my dream of living a life freedom, financial independence and enjoying a  life where I design my tomorrow.
Cynthia Pena
AdvoCare Independent Distributor

Patrice Banks is an engineer and automotive technician that caters to women in the Greater Philadelphia region. Fueled by the desire to create a community of automotive-educated women, Banks established Girls Auto Clinic™, in 2013, to empower women through interactive vehicle operation and service workshops, that gives practical, relatable advice on maintaining and caring for one’s car. She also began serving as an industry expert panelist and speaker, at a variety of professional, entrepreneurial and female-focused engagements.
Formally, a self-proclaimed “auto airhead ™,” Banks began GiAC after being fed up with not knowing anything about her own vehicle. She found there was a void to be filled, as it pertained to automotive education specifically geared toward women, and, has since, set out to change the face of the automotive industry by building a company around informing female drivers care, and service of their vehicles.
Prior to establishing GiAC, Banks worked for more than 12 years as an engineer, manager, and leader at one of the nation’s leading, Fortune ®1000, science and technology companies.
Banks holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Materials Engineering from Lehigh University and an Automotive Technology Diploma from Delaware
Technical Community College.
Patrice Banks

Franne McNeal, MBA, is the woman’s voice for branding, and bold personal leadership success. Called the “significant business results coach,” helps her clients focus their energy to take action and achieve increased confidence, clarity and clout! She is the author of the book Significant! From Frustrated to - As a breast cancer conqueror and stroke survivor, shares stories of her own tenacity and prowess to help thousands of women discover their own strengths, monetize their passions, and add value to their communities.  Franne McNeal earned a BA from Princeton and from Eastern University.
Franne McNeal, MBA
Significant Business Coach, and Author

JaquettaColson began her studies as a dancer at the Duke Ellington School for thePerforming Arts in Washington, D.C. While attending Duke Ellington, Jaquettatraveled to X’ian, and Holland representing the United States as the 1994 and 1995 International Arts Competitions. Jaquetta community service awards for her volunteer outreach work in arts while in high school, she was also a member of groups in the Washington, DC area. Jaquetta studied at Alvin Ailey Dance Theater School and attended three programs in New York City. In 1996, received Merit and Achievement Full Scholarship to attend the University Arts, PA, where she earned a B.F.A. in Dance Education.During her she entered the Miss America Scholarship Pageant Miss Eastern PA 1997. After graduation Jaquetta became a personal model and began teaching performing arts, dance, physical fitness, throughout the Philadelphia area and surrounding suburbs. Jaquetta her degree to teach early childhood education and Kindergarten classes. In2006 Jaquetta opened the Living Arts Dance & Fitness Studios, as she is determined to provide affordable professional performing fitness programs to all. From 2009 through 2013 Jaquetta was DanceProfessor at Girard College, Guest Lecturer at Immaculata University andProgram Director at St. Mary’s Hospital Wellness Center. is dance teaching artist and choreographer for the Education Department at Center for the Performing Arts. Jaquetta proclaims that out of that her biggest accomplishment is being a full-time mother wonderful children.
81 Fairmount Avenue,
Philadelphia, PA 19123
 I began my business with Mary Kay Cosmetics in 1994. At the time working 2 fulltime jobs, as a single Mom of 4.  Started for some extra cash, which turned into a position and then a career.Sharing a product line a  complimentary to help women find  Good skin care to fit the needs of their complexion, then teaching tips to help them enhance their beauty as is! As mentoring women in this business is a pure joy. Many reasons start a home based business and I get to share my in the journey of their success, and that is found based on    Being part of a global company, which is debt free,acknowledging women from all walks of life, sharing an opportunity to women’s lives, while having the option of earning the use of a , being recognized on achievements with prizes, having unlimited , advancing in a time frame of personal choice, being supported   women ,all while being  our “own boss”.            
Mary Kay Sales Director
office: 215-633-7345
cell:      215-820-3390

My name is Erica Booth owner of
Erica Booth Tax & Accounting Services LLC
31 N Lansdowne Ave
Lansdowne, PA 19050

My services include and tax preparation.  My goal is to make sure business owners worry about day to day business operations and allow me to upkeep accounting and tax records throughout the year

, Vernez Kittrell (my God sister) introduced me to a holistic When she was diagnosed with watched her as she struggled together that would promote her healing.She lost but taught me to live life to the fullest and mind and spirit importantly strive to live as healthy as possible.
with her inspired me to make healthy lifestyle change fun empowering.l believe living healthy be that hard.
That I created to help others embrace a healthier way of living in easy way. My team and I are able to provide coordinated care because coaching is at the While your health you identify your goals and map out your strategy for change our makes sure you mind body and spirit connections are nurtured. 
I a practicing dentist for over 25 years and have had the healthcare to people across the globe and Central America.In the I also brought healthy smiles to domestic violence victims, and   most certainly inspired me to make health care accessible but that treating the whole person compelled me to become a
approach led me a certification in from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.In my work as dentist over25 years have had the opportunity to share my vision of integrative with many people and watched their lives transform.
own dreams manifest themselves and owe it in part to embracing principles and striving to main balance and
Susan Stukes Camp  
Giving people the tools to improve their lives and the lives of others through healthy living and community involvement for the purpose of healing our planet.

My name is Toni professional makeup specialist,  based out of  I have been freelancing for 8 years and very passionate about what do.
Opinions are divided as to the level of attention Makeup Artist should pay   My choice of involvement and work based on my beliefs and knowledge of the skin. my I have taken the time to keep skincare makeup products.  I believe in being proactive in the care of the skin, as well as diminishing breakouts as much as possible or correcting dull skin.  
I have recommended products and prepped my skin before there makeup application and as tell all my Beautiful start with beautiful /healthy skin.
Toni Hardman
cell: 215-868-7187
My Portfolio:
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Twitter :
LinkedIn (Business page)

I am in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am actively involved in two businesses. I am a Real Estate Investor, Transaction Engineer, September 2013. I am also a Nutrie Wellness Coach, and Brand Partner and owner. I've been with the company since January 2014. I am a native Philadelphian. I attended Saint Joseph's University, completed two years, majored in Business Administration, one year at Community College of Philadelphia. I am a member of Clergy, Ordained Minister 2010. I am the mother of five young adult women, and five young adult men, several of which are business owners.

Wellness Coach

 My name is Shanice and CEO of Tidy Up Cleaning. We are based in Philadelphia, we provide cleaning services for residential and commercial properties. Tidy Up Cleaning is licensed, insured, and bonded. We have a wide range of clientele, which includes property managers, landlords, homeowners, rental properties, daycares, offices, etc. We offer all of this but the best thing is our prices; we offer services at low, flat, and affordable rates.
Call or text us now at 267-776-5086 or email us at

Looking forward to new challenges

I really enjoyed my time spent in financial services, after working in financial services for over 20 + plus years, I have found a new way to show my creativity. And not give up my standards of quality & value.

My new venture is into the world of invention, my first product is ZipMyself. The 2 in 1 tool that can assist you with zipping the back of your dress and help you button the front of your shirt.

I created ZipMyself out of since I couldn’t find what I was looking for in the marketplace. I took myself up on the challenge of creating a product that will help not only me but other people.

I have always been committed to quality and value; I am proud that ZipMyself is a quality product and great value “Your Clothing’s New Best Friend.”

I am looking forward to:

 Meeting new people and forming new friendships & challenging myself in a new way.

Follow me on

Sheila Benjamin, CEO

SheGreg Products, LLC

 “Reengineering for Quality & Value”

150 Monument Road

Suite 207

Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004


Tanisha Carter a native of Philadelphia.  Severely burned in a house fire at only 6 months old, Tanisha suffered 1st, 2 and 3 degree burns over 98% of her body, resulting in facial and body disfigurement. After her heart stopped twice, doctors lost hope, but God knew Tanisha’s purpose was so great that he act as the strength her fragile body needed to live. Surpassing all of the statistical odds of someone sustaining injuries so grave, Tanisha lives to share her testimony of how God favored her. As a child, knowing that her purpose was greater than her circumstances, Tanisha has committed her life, proving that she is more than a conqueror. Graduating at the top of her high school class, Tanisha was awarded top scholarship money to attend Chestnut Hill College, where she perused a  B.S. degree in Communications and Technology and received a Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology in May of 2013. She co-founded a nonprofit organization for burn and has been sharing her story since the age of 11. Tanisha was a featured guest on both the Maury and Dr. Drew Lapinsky and has traveled internationally and locally as a motivational speaker. Tanisha has faced countless struggles and adversity; not only did she have to deal with the plight of being physically disfigured and scared, she also spent years in the foster care system. Growing up in poverty, with a mother who battled drug and alcohol addiction, she had to take on the responsibly of helping to raise her brothers and sister, while simultaneously having to undergo surgeries for her scars. She struggled financially because of constant employment discrimination; lack of support and resources eventually lead her and her son to experience homelessness for almost 5 years. What many would consider hardships; Tanisha saw these events in her life as experiences necessary in truly coming into and understanding her purpose. With all that Tanisha has been through, making excuses would definitely be plausible, this woman of courage never fathomed the thought; she used these situations as opportunities to humble herself, reflect on the meaning of living authentically and human suffering.  Tanisha held on to her faith and spirituality to see her through hard and unjust times, while never losing sight of her purpose, which is to be a model of strength to others. She epitomizes determination and resiliency. Tanisha is currently working on Authentic Gems a organization focusing on helping youth discover their authenticity. She is also currently penning her autobiography. 


Licensed Professional Counselor – State of Georgia. Founder and CEO of Realizing What Matters – A Behavioral Health – Supportive Services Company. Master of Arts in Counseling from Argosy University, Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Georgia State University.
Colena Brown, LPC

Rose is a Philadelphia Native. She has life. She is a trained Life She is the CEO of Darlaina Rose Life Coaching Service and Darlaina Rose Travel.She has been coaching individuals in many areas of life for close to 10 years. Her of personal empowerment has helped many people make significant, positive changes lives. Groups from many walks of life, old, young, rich and poor have been motivated by presentations, and workshops. She's been honored for her passion and .and she looks forward to working with you or to facilitate the that have resulted in breakthroughs for . Rose is a dynamic motivational speaker with an amazing story of health and healing. Shes hearts and souls. She is a master at and teaching others to do the same.She is a mother of 4 and grandmother of She is anThe Life Book to help you move your life to is designed to help individual find where they are and then to facilitate change.She is the founder of the Group Just The empowerment group.This group specifically caters to the needs of women. The group helps women get clarity The organization works with women in areas life skills, balance, etc.
Email the group at or call 2156695670
Rose is Your Sister In Possibility! She will help you to discover your gifts and live Life Now!
www.DarlainaRoseTravel.comTwitter @LifeCoachRoseFacebook Darlaina RoseLike my Page At

My passions are God, Health, and Beauty.  I currently promote a new Mineral Makeup Line called Motives for La La Anthony, an entire makeup line for Women of Colour.  She talks about her products on her TV show called La La's Full Court Life.  I am not a makeup artist, I am looking for people in the beauty industry to rep the line or sell it in their salon or spa business.  Please contact me directly at 310.895.3391 or at

Linda Mitchell is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She began her healthcare experience as working as a certified nursing assistant. She continued in nursing education gaining diploma’s in practical nursing, professional nursing. She received Baccalaureate in Nursing from Immaculata University and has twenty years of experience as a registered nurse working in medical-surgical nursing, telemetry, the healthcare insurance industry, and nursing education as well pursuing an advanced practice nursing education. Ms. Mitchell received a master’s of science in nursing degree in 2003 from the University of Phoenix. In 2005 she relocated from New Jersey to Phoenix, AZ to teach in the prelicensure professional nursing program at Arizona State University College of Nursing and Health Innovation in Phoenix. During that time she completed Family Nurse Practitioner certification program at the University of Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona. she completed the psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner program with the Saint Louis University College of Nursing completing certification as a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.
     Ms. Mitchell enjoys working with people and has a passion to educate others. She strives to serve others by taking the holistic approach in order to identify patient’s needs (biologically, mentally and psychosocially). Her occupation gives her the opportunity to minister to others as Christ has commanded her to do. Ms. Mitchell presentation is intended to empower women in regard to managing health and maintaining wellness. She is honored to be with you today.

Angelita Byrd, National Sales Director with YTB Travel, 7 years in the business, currently #1 in Leadership, endless $500 and $1000 bonuses and a $10k bonus earner, produced 2 other Directors and a $10k bonus earner on her team that expands all throughout the US, and . She hails from a Real Estate Background where she earned a 6 figure income as a top producer, traveled the world extensively, lives bi-coastal between Philadelphia and Phoenix, AZ. Single mother and grandmother of 3 and a west highland terrier she adores name Sonny. In her she volunteers with the Red Cross.



ame is Davine L. Forbes, As a plus size woman living in the I am from up trying & will succeed to open a real plus size clothing store for ladies who have been EXTRA blessed. My fashion sense of style & colors makes Davine unique check out why can proudly say that. My plus size line is real from pants to dresses to shoes. I produce plus size clothes from sizes 12 up to whatever size that you are.Business name: Dangerous Curves
I can be reached at me on
1-242-4254168 or Facebook

Ahesha Catalano is a published author and entrepreneur. As a network marketer, she helps individuals save money and earn additional income through essential services for homes and businesses. A Team Communications       
As a personal development specialist, Ahesha helps women their competence, and creativity, as she hosts webinars, conference calls and seminars centered around using your God-given gifts and talents to not only enhance your life but to bless others as well. Golden Lady
Golden Lady is a program designed to empower, motivate and inspire all women. Golden Lady aims to improve the life of every individual in the program. We provide an educational and exciting...
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As an expectant mother, she shares her newest and experiences on a blog, Feel free to connect with Work With Esh 
 Work With EshSAHM, Home Based Business, Home Business Opportunity, Residual Income Opportunity
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Ahesha Catalano
Keeping you connected, protected and entertained...


Chicago native, Indira Wilburn is best “Lola Star,” an American media personality, voice over talent and social media strategist. She can be heard on local and national radio commercials, video narrations and voicemail messagesLansing, Michigan.  At that time, she developed herself as a charismatic, comical, fun-loving radio personality who can entertain a wide range of audiences. She is noted for her on-air persona to be remarkably similar to her real personality.  Indira established herself and became a sought-after media professional. She is an advocate and educator of and film. Through the years, her career has led to securing several positions for national entertainment sectors as a concert promoter, marketing manager at Urban Vibe Entertainment and music review editor for Rhapsody in Black Magazine.  In 2000, she was offered an opportunity in Philadelphia and was the senior program administrator at WYBE, and contributing writer for Quintessence Multimedia.  PhillyCAM.  In addition, she created, produced and served as casting director for two TV pilots: “Uncommon Transformations,” and “Twenty-One.”   and health correspondent for On the Reel Radio-TV" Show.  

Indira is the Social Media Director and Board Member for the Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association, (PIFVA). She oversees and manages social media campaigns for independent films.  She is an active member of the Philadelphia Black Public Relations Society (PBPRS)Philadelphia Women in Film and Television (), and Co-Chair of Philly Film and Video Industry Network GroupOutside the entertainment industry, she has an extensive background in engineering.  Indira graduated from Drexel University where she received a Master of Science in Television Management and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Prairie View A&M University.
Ph: (267) 231-6415
Twitter: @LolaStarMedia

My name is Betty Carter and I am the CEO of Pillow Talk by Whispers. We manufacture and sell Luxury Throw pillows and throws, we create custom designs and re-imagine memories into throw pillows.
My e-mail We are about to move into our new store in Henderson.

Desiree Marketing desiree@desireemarketing A boutique PR and Marketing Company


My name is Becky Stonebarger, I am Sales Director of Damsel in Defense. I provide stun guns, pepper spray and other safety devices along with education and empowerment.

Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Mental/Emotional Release (MER) and Transitional Life Coach.  She inspires others to build a healthy way of living.   
A Motivational Inspirational Speaker and global activist against violence and abuse and author of “Gardenias Bruise Easily: Giving Silence a Voice: From Abuse to Love”.  Most of the systems she developed are the Mastery System.  It is an in-depth approach for those who are ready to incite transmutation.
I also continue with Karatbars and as a sales trainer with Global Bank Academy
Charmaine Lee is also available for individual sessions and speaking engagements.  or (cell) and you can read her blog at
Author - Speaker - Coach - Certified Personality Sales Trainer
Foundation for Insight and Sales Trainer is with Global B.A.N.K. Academy
New Jersey
My name is Renee Brown and I'm a freelance in makeup artist IN PA & NJ.  I do makeup for any special occasions, weddings, proms, sweet sixteen etc. My email address is  My contact numbers are 856-562-0487 (cell) or 856-728-8540.
   Crystal Peurifoy, Founder & CEO
Crystal Peurifoy has over 25 years’ experience in Healthcare operations, with extensive ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT, HCPCS, and APC. She has varied healthcare settings including acute care hospitals, acute care facilities, critical access hospitals, and physician practice settings; auditing service company consultant (RAC), HIM consultant, instructor for ICD-9-CM diagnosis and procedural coding; CPT-4 procedure and professional fee E&M coding, and medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology. She has a high degree of professional integrity and dedication; organizational skills; and independence and motivation.
She has received certification with the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) as a CCS (Certified Coding Specialist), AHIMA Approved ICD-10-CM Trainer, and with the American Academy of Procedural Coders (AAPC) as a CPC (Certified Procedural Coder).

Dana Holmes has more than 15 years of experience in strategic marketing and market development. Prior to founding Marketing Sense, she worked as a corporate B2B, B2C marketer for FedEx Office, Texas Instruments, Michaels and TMP Worldwide Advertising Agency. Dana has a proven track record in establishing brands, developing and implementing a wide-range of effective communications and marketing programs that have successfully launched more than 500 products and services into the marketplace. She has worked on countless initiatives to help companies understand the needs of small businesses and the value they provide to communities at large.
Dana established Marketing Sense in 2014,  to help small to mid-size businesses and entrepreneurs grow and increase sales by providing quality, affordable and solutions.  Although based in Mansfield, Texas, Marketing Sense supports customers coast to coast. 

Contact Marketing Sense LLC
: Mansfield, TX 75054

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