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Significant TV. Tonya Latney, Society of Women Business Owners
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Hello my name is Tonya Latney I am the Founder/President
Tonya’s for life “Keep It Moving”; those are the words she lives her life by….. Tonya has always been inspired to be the best person she could be.
I would like to share a little background about Tonya and her life’s purpose:
Tonya loves to Edify and Educate women, and it is her desire to help women to “birth their dreams” and help them to “live on purpose”.
Tonya’s path to her Promised Land started out with her being a teenage parent at age fifteen and living in the housing projects in North Philadelphia. Her life’s path had started on a road that she had not planned, she decided that she wanted to become a success and not a statistic. Education and hard work would be the "Recipe" her Promised Land.
From her education and her professional resume: Registered Nurse, Flight Attendant, and a Coach.

 Tonya also had a becoming an Entrepreneur; because of her love for the Bridal Industry she founded a Bridal Consulting Company called “Creating Treasured Moments Wedding Planners”. Because of Tonya’s desire of wanting to connect and help women, she founded an organization called “Society of Women Business Owners” and TDL Coaching & Consultants.
Tonya is also an author, her book is titled “From the Projects to the Land”.                                                                                                     

 If I can help just one woman to birth their dream and to live on purpose then my life’s purpose will     Tonya Latney,

I truly believe you hold the key to unlock another woman’s success, “Whose key do you do you hold”   Tonya Latney