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  Business Owner Spotlight
Tracey McLaurin 

 Tracey McLaurin is the Chief Executive Officer of Tracey McLaurin Enterprises located in Pennsylvania. Mrs. McLaurin is very passionate about helping families reach their potential by teaching them how to “Take Your Life Off Layaway.” Tracey’s philosophy on financial literacy, learning to travel more, becoming a healthier you, and adding value back into your family. Tracey McLaurin Enterprise has set a path for families to tap into and unlock their future for the long haul. Mrs. McLaurin’s motto is “Be a Product of the Product. TME uses all the services they provide to their clients to ensure that each product works. TME has 13 different components to help you become Financially free. Your credit is the chief component of becoming debt free. In addition, there are many other elements besides working getting a good credit score. TME has proven results by working on her personal credit score first. Applying the TME principals has helped Tracey purchase a new vehicle with no money down. Working on the total package of finances has helped her buy a home this year. Tracey loves to travel, add value, and adventure to her family. TME principals afforded her to travel and see places around the world that many only of traveling too. gets to experience the culture everything else. TME clients get more than their money’s worth. The TME personal touch will always clients happy and healthier is a core key ingredient. TME & Tracey McLaurin has a testimony worth hearing. Tracey has taken her life back from doctors, medication, and the fear of living. Living healthy is being in control. TME principals are proven by cutting bills in half, learning what Financial literacy is daily to live a fulling life for the duration. Tracey McLaurin enterprise is built on integrity, diligence, and the audacity to believe in change for all people nationwide. Tracey McLaurin is a Life Coach, Certified Financial Literacy Specialists, Certified Travel Consultant, and a Spiritual Life Coach.